The Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics Association

The Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics Association (WCGA) is a membership-led, professional association representing the nation’s intercollegiate women’s gymnastics coaches within Division I, II & III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The WCGA is a 501c(3) nonprofit educational organization.

Our Vision

The advocate for women’s collegiate gymnastics.

Our Mission

WCGA strives to ensure safe, competitive, and educational opportunities for our student-athletes in collegiate women’s gymnastics. This will be achieved by supporting our coaches and current programs while advocating for new programs.

Our Values

  1. To perpetuate and improve the sport of women’s gymnastics in the colleges and universities in the United States.
  2. To encourage colleges and universities in the United States to support gymnastics teams as part of their intercollegiate sports programs as well as part of the diverse university environments.
  3. To communicate with and support the interest of colleges and universities that may be interested in sponsoring women’s gymnastics programs.
  4. To coordinate efforts with all other agencies promoting gymnastics by stipulating its collective opinions through its elected representatives to the NCAA and USA Gymnastics.
  5. To provide coaches tools for the research of trends, issues and solutions to problems.
  6. To provide forums and activities which allow members the opportunities to discuss, enhance and evaluate changes in the sport of gymnastics, with specific implications at the collegiate level.
  7. To create new events, properties, activities, publications, literature, materials, promotions and other such enhancements that will aid in the marketing, promotions and growth of women’s collegiate gymnastics.
  8. To give concrete recognition for outstanding contributions to the sport by groups, individuals and events.
  9. To continue to encourage institutional academic standards at the very highest level for all of our student athletes.
  10. Other purposes, so designated and assigned by the membership.

Board of Directors

  • Board Chair: Melanie Hall – Cornell University
  • Executive Director: Jason Bauer – WCGA
  • Secretary: Marie Case-Denick – University of North Carolina
  • Treasurer: Brittney Emmons – William & Mary College
  • ACC: Danna Durante – University of North Carolina
  • Big 12: Jason Butts – West Virginia University
  • Big 10: Heather Brink – University of Nebraska
  • EAGL: Randy Lane – Long Island University
  • GEC: Kirsten Becker – University of Pennsylvania
  • MAC: Sam Morreale – Northern Illinois University
  • MIC: Ashley Lawson Southeast Missouri State University
  • Mountain West: Jennifer Green, Air Force Academy
  • MPSF: Melissa Genovese, Sacramento State
  • NCGA East: Kim Valenti – Ursinus College
  • PAC 12: Jen Llewellyn – University of Washington
  • SEC: Ashley Johnston, Univ. of Alabama
  • WIAC: Kasey Crawford – University of Wisconsin – LaCross

Women's Collegiate Program Committee

  • K.J. Kindler – University of Oklahoma
  • Scott Sherman – University of Michigan
  • Liz Crandall – University of California – Berkeley
  • Jenny Rowland – University of Florida
  • Guard Young – Brigham Young University
  • Tim Garrison – University of Kentucky
  • Rene Lyst – SUNY Brockport
  • Lisa Bowerman – Texas Women’s University



  • Stephen Hood – Texas Woman’s University
  • Erik Lewis – Clemson University
  • Sam Higgins – Eastern Michigan University
  • Mike Brackmann – Cornell University


  • Kerrie Turner – Bowling Green State University
  • Sarah Brown – Penn State University
  • Owen Field – University of Florida
  • Rene Lyst – SUNY Brockport
  • Meg Crowley – Centenary College
  • Mike Brackmann – Cornell University
  • Morgan Ross – San Jose State University


  • Kurt Hettinger – Auburn University
  • Sam Morreale – Northern Illinois University
  • Casey Jo MacPherson – University of Pittsburgh
  • Brian Amato – University of Nebraska
  • Don Houlton – Western Michigan University
  • Chris Brooks – University of Arkansas
  • Owen Field – University of Florida
  • Kim Valenti – Ursinus College


  • Randy Lane – Long Island University
  • Jenny Hansen – University of Minnesota
  • Katie Minasola – Eastern Michigan University
  • Rene Lyst – SUNY Brockport
  • Kerrie Turner – Bowling Green State University
  • Sunny Marchand – Bowling Green State University
  • Sara Carver-Milne – Auburn University
  • Cali Harden – Eastern Michigan University
  • Jay Ramirez –  Towson University
  • Emily Barrett Payne – Simpson College


  • Kasey Crawford – University of Wisconsin – LaCross
  • Bev Polocki – University of Michigan
  • Steve Avgerinos – University of New Hampshire
  • Lorraine Galow – Bridgeport University
  • Corrinne Tarver- Fisk University
  • Ross Thompson – University of Illinois
  • Sienna Crouse – Lindenwood University
  • Quest Hayden – University of Iowa
  • Wendy Carey – University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
  • Nadalie Walsh – University of Illinois


  • JJ Ferreira – University of Maryland
  • Morgan Ross – San Jose State University
  • Bekah Hill – Bowling Green State University
  • Brittany Harris – Lindenwood University
  • Kyla Ross – University of Arkansas
  • Ashley Miles Greig – Iowa State University
  • Jackie Terpak – University of Arkansas
  • Kelsey Hinton – William & Mary
  • Devin Wright – Michigan State University
  • Scott Wilson – Ball State University
  • Jazmyn Estrella – Temple University
  • Wendy Carey – University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
  • Geralen Stack-Eaton – University of Minnesota
  • Jessa Hansen Parker – University of Iowa


  • Margie Foster Cunningham – George Washington University
  • JJ Ferreira – University of Maryland
  • Danna Durante – University of North Carolina
  • Lindsey Bruck Ayotte – University of New Hampshire
  • Sam Scherwinski – Lindenwood University
  • Katy Ordway – Central Michigan University
  • Joanna Saleem – Ball State University
  • Anique Grenier – Air Force Academy
  • Larissa Libby – University Iowa
  • Nadalie Walsh – University Illinois


  • Megan Harrington – Illinois State University
  • Sienna Crouse – Lindenwood University 
  • Kirstin White – Utah State University 
  • Rachel Slocum – Utah State University 
  • Bekah Hill – Oregon State University 


  • Barbara Cordova – West Chester University
  • Cassandra Ringer – Ball State University
  • Joanne Bowers – San Jose State University
  • Corrinne Tarver – Fisk University
  • Christine MacDonald – Central Michigan University
  • Scott Wilson – Ball State University
  • Erin Dooley – University of Maryland


  • Lucas Wasson – Ohio State University
  • Mike Rosso – Rutgers University
  • Brittany Webster – University of Alabama
  • Craig Ballard – Kent State University
  • Kerrie Turner – Bowling Green State University


  • Lorraine Galow – Bridgeport University
  • Jennifer Green – Air Force Academy
  • Andrew Leis – Yale University
  • Maile’ana Kanewa-Hermelyn – University of Michigan
  • Jackie Terpak – University of Arkansas
  • Lexi Funk – University of Pittsburgh
  • Sam Scherwinski – Lindenwood University
  • Brooke Hylek – Ursinus College
  • Wendy Carey – University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
  • Joseph Hodges – Centenary College
  • Kiki Parenteau – University of Minnesota


  • Tom Farden – University of Utah
  • Michael Chaplin – Oregon State University
  • Heather Brink – University of Nebraska
  • Sienna Crouse – Lindenwood University
  • Kyla Ross – University of Arkansas
  • Garrett Griffeth – Louisiana State University
  • Janelle McDonald – UCLA
  • Brittany McClure – Air Force Academy
  • Brooke Hylek – Ursinus College
  • Brittany Harris – Brown University
  • Ashley Miles Greig – Iowa State University
  • Amanda Keglovits – University of New Hampshire
  • Olivia Courtney – Long Island University
  • Josh Nilson – University of Illinois

Code of Ethics


It is the expectation of the Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics Association that all member coaches compose themselves in a manner that displays the highest level of sportsmanship, integrity and professionalism. A coach holds a position of trust. Recognize that your position requires exemplary conduct. Maintain a cooperative spirit and continually exhibit professional etiquette during all interactions with recruits, officials and media. Realize the reach (impact) your actions have on your fellow colleagues and the extended gymnastics community. Strive to achieve and sustain the highest degree of ethical conduct with your student athletes and commit to actions that allow our sport to grow.


  • Coaches must promote excellence while demonstrating a commitment to honesty and fair play
  • Coaches shall establish programs that cultivate and promote a positive environment which encourages exemplary behavior
  • Coaches play a pivotal role in leading and promoting a positive climate both in words and actions 
  • Coaches shall conduct all business in an honest, respectable and appropriate manner 
  • Coaches shall be accountable to follow the spirit and intent of the rules and acknowledge the responsibility to report misconduct


  • Coaches have a direct impact on the ethical culture of the WCGA organization as well as the growth and sustainability of our sport 
  •  Coaches serve as role models and must take responsibility for one’s conduct by adhering to the highest standard of self regulation 
  • Coaches are responsible to instill a sense of shared responsibility and accountability among colleagues 
  • Coaches should convey through their actions that the teams reputation and long term success is more important than short term gains


  • Coaches make the student athlete experience the highest priority by understanding the opportunity we have to enrich the student athletes life 
  • Coaches must instill a strong ethical culture by setting clear boundaries which provide the framework to empower student athletes to make educated decisions  
  • Coaches should hold themselves to a higher standard and create an inclusive environment which shows respect for the world around us. Be champions of acceptance and education 
  • Coaches acknowledge the importance and value of both academic achievement and success in competition


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