Code of Ethics


It is the expectation of the Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics Association that all member coaches compose themselves in a manner that displays the highest level of sportsmanship, integrity and professionalism. A coach holds a position of trust. Recognize that your position requires exemplary conduct. Maintain a cooperative spirit and continually exhibit professional etiquette during all interactions with recruits, officials and media. Realize the reach (impact) your actions have on your fellow colleagues and the extended gymnastics community. Strive to achieve and sustain the highest degree of ethical conduct with your student athletes and commit to actions that allow our sport to grow.


  • Coaches must promote excellence while demonstrating a commitment to honesty and fair play
  • Coaches shall establish programs that cultivate and promote a positive environment which encourages exemplary behavior
  • Coaches play a pivotal role in leading and promoting a positive climate both in words and actions 
  • Coaches shall conduct all business in an honest, respectable and appropriate manner 
  • Coaches shall be accountable to follow the spirit and intent of the rules and acknowledge the responsibility to report misconduct


  • Coaches have a direct impact on the ethical culture of the WCGA organization as well as the growth and sustainability of our sport 
  •  Coaches serve as role models and must take responsibility for one’s conduct by adhering to the highest standard of self regulation 
  • Coaches are responsible to instill a sense of shared responsibility and accountability among colleagues 
  • Coaches should convey through their actions that the teams reputation and long term success is more important than short term gains


  • Coaches make the student athlete experience the highest priority by understanding the opportunity we have to enrich the student athletes life 
  • Coaches must instill a strong ethical culture by setting clear boundaries which provide the framework to empower student athletes to make educated decisions  
  • Coaches should hold themselves to a higher standard and create an inclusive environment which shows respect for the world around us. Be champions of acceptance and education 
  • Coaches acknowledge the importance and value of both academic achievement and success in competition
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