Collegiate Gymnastics Growth Initiative


The Collegiate Gymnastics Growth Initiative (CGGI) was formed to promote awareness in the pursuit and addition of new women’s collegiate gymnastics programs across the country, thus providing more opportunities for college bound gymnasts.  We would like to extend an invitation to gymnastics clubs nationwide to support and assist our initiative’s needs through donations.

  • NCAA gymnastics is at an all-time high in TV viewership.  The SEC, PAC 12 and Big 10 networks are all reporting increased numbers in viewership over the past three seasons of competition.
  • Many universities are seeking opportunities to add women’s sports.  NOW is the time for athletic administrators to be educated on the valuable life lessons learned by our sport.
  • Many universities have college club programs and facilities already in place.  Our mission as a committee is to establish those programs as NCAA recognized teams.
  • Gymnastics GPA’s are among the best of many women’s sports at any university.  Women’s gymnastics has maintained the highest graduation rate or APR and retention rate over the last four years for any women’s NCAA sport.
  • With programs at all levels including D1, D2, D3 and the Ivy League, there are many opportunities for gymnasts to receive athletic and/or academic scholarships and be provided the opportunity to contribute and compete for a women’s collegiate gymnastics program.


By increasing your registration fee for your invite by $1/participant to donate to the CGGI, you will be joining every other invite in the U.S. and helping grow collegiate opportunities.

90% of all funds raised from invitationals goes directly to the endowment account with the intent of encouraging universities to create opportunities for gymnasts like the ones competing in your invite. 10% of the donation goes towards expenses such as presentation costs, printed materials, among other expenses to encourage growth.

Our goal is to have EVERY invite in the country be a part of our campaign to help grow collegiate gymnastics. Here is how you can commit to the 2019-2020 campaign.

  1. Increase your registration for your invite by $1. Tell your participants where that $1 is going and why. You will now be eligible for a tax deduction by making your donation to the CGGI.
  2. Fill out the CGGI Invitational Commitment Form and submit it on the website. And then you are committed!
  3. Follow us on all of our social media platforms and our website to get the latest information on schools we are making presentations to and those that are interested in adding.
  4. Tell all of your friends to support the CGGI and the future of collegiate gymnastics as well.

CGGI Ambassadors

This past season was an incredible year with the Perfect 10 Ambassadors representing all of us and our association with enthusiasm, dedication and a genuine love for our sport.  They have set the standards for the next group of recent graduates to continue their work as ambassadors and to help our sport continue to grow.

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